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Q: What we do and why we do it?

Our founder's have invested in a for-profit business in the Bugesera District of Rwanda since 2009. After a visit to Rwanda, they did a visit to a local school near the local village. The school hosted ~2,000 student in a mud building with no electricity, no running water and no sanitation (two pit latrines). The average classroom had ~75 students each. On top of all of this, the school curriculum was not preparing the students to succeed in the rapidly changing world around them. While Rwanda is a shining example of how the global community can come together and rebuild a country after a devastating genocide, but there is still more that needs to be done. Especially education.

Q: Why do you need $250,000 to build a school?

We've received some questions about the amount we are raising for the prototype school. The $250,000 is needed to not only build the school but to also put in place the basic infrastructure such as running water, electricity and broadband. The monies will also be used to fully equip the school with furniture, desks, computers, etc. The additional challenge is that Rwanda is landlocked and therefore supplies have to be shipped to Kenya and then trucked across Uganda to Rwanda. We are constantly looking for ways to save monies.

Q: Why Rwanda?

Our founders involvement in Rwanda began when they were introduced to Faith and Roger Shaw. Faith is Rwandan and grew up in the turmoil of the reoccurring genocides in Rwanda. Faith's traumatic childhood prepared her for ministry of rescuing abandoned children. First and foremost, she herself was a refugee separated from her parents after fleeing Rwanda's first genocide. Following the 1994 genocide, Faith and Roger started a charity, Ishimwe, whose mission is to rescue orphans and give them a family-style home. Our founders were early supporters, who eventually got more involved by investing in a for-profit Rwandan business in an effort to spur economic development and jobs.

Q: Why A Prototype School?

Beyond the construction of the school, we are working to transform education. We are working with experts around the world to create a new learning model that will prepare these students to compete globally in the emerging creative/innovation economy. Everything we create for this school will be made freely available as "open source" so that others, no matter where they are located, can use it without charge.

Q: Do Graduates Have Job Opportunities?

Our founder's invested in 2009 into Lakeside Fish Farm, a for-profit business in Rwanda. Beyond education, our plan is to create economic and business support for the creation of jobs that will employ the students when they graduate. Through education and employment, boys and girls will have an equally promising future that can transform their struggling communities.